August 17th 2012 first publication class of 2012 - 2013 @ Dalian American International School instructor Dr. Terrell Neuage

Publication is a class I had as a rotation for Middle School Applied Studies last school year. We have six rotations of subjects such as robotics, Literature Theater, student government, video class, something else – can’t remember, and my publication class. Last year I started DAISlive, our video newscast, and we prepared material for that with me spending way too many hours editing each show twice weekly. As well we used InDesign to create little e-magazines. This year we will produce a completed e-magazine called DAIS-in-Focus every six weeks.

The first day was fine. Middle schoolers after a summer break all over the shop and it was managing to get everyone some space. I only have about ten students and they come from a wide range of places: USA, Manila, Korea, China, Philippines and there were a couple of other countries tossed in the mix. English only will be a priority in classes this year. They all made a Google Sites webpage and we went to visit the video studio which is in the basement without a window and with black mold greeting us. Our next class is next Tuesday and we will start journalism in earnest then.

lesson 1