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The Heritage School

Kolkata, West Bengal, India

teachers involved from the Hertiage School with us:Ira Bhattacharya, Anupama Roy, Anita Advani

see first go at projects  anti-language

Most of the stuff I sent is on the topic,
'Creating The Text'. I have also sent some on 'What My Hands Can Do' (
- we received a package of hand written letters, photos, hand made handicraft on March 05, 2013.

from our teacher Erin Wise who will be taking a project with Heritage

Dear Anupama,
I am excited about your students writing us and telling us all your festivities.  I would love our students to do the same and write your students.  My students can tell yours about the Chinese Festivals and holidays.  Some of the writings do not have the students names on them.   I was wondering if you could give me the names of the students and then my students can be writing yours.  Is it best to send them all to you and you can distribute?  I can send them all e-mail. 
The unsigned works include:
Diwali, the Festival of Light
Happy Durga Puja
Uttar Bantra Sammilannee (is that a students name)
Picture sheet of feeding the underprivileged
BST texting language
  I teach all Chinese High School students that are in 9th and 10th grade. I am looking forward to our communications.
Erin Wise

On Fri, Mar 8, 2013 at 11:10 AM, Terrell Neuage <> wrote:
Hi Anita
This is growing fast - since we received your package two days ago.
Our EAL (English as a second language) teacher for grades 9 and 10, Erin Wise, is very interested in the festivals folder. She will be writing you in regards to getting involved.
She is also working on our yearly 'International Day' event at our school. It is in April and she will work with you and the other teachers here that are working with your school to put together a room on India featuring your school. Parents, faculty and students get involved with this. Last year the students got passports to go around to all the countries and get a stamp after they did an activity in that country - usually a table. I am not on the committee for that so I do not know how it will be this year but my wife is and so is Erin so India will definitely be represented thanks to your school's association.
How do you want photos sent? It takes a long time to get prints and send physically. I will send images of different activities but I will need to re size them first. On our school web page there are always scrolling photos of our students.
 "Erin Wise" <> will be in touch with you.

January 7, 2013
My name is Ira Bhattacharya and I am Anita's colleague. I am writing to you in my capacity as the International Project Coordinator of my school and am very happy to know that you have liked some of our project ideas and have agreed to work with us....
At the moment we have student exchange programmes with the UK and Germany as well as internet/post- based projects with schools in other countries...
I teach English and German in school...(see more and my response)

December 12

Hope you all are hale and hearty. Its been a long time that we have contacted each other. We can still start working on a project with the 7th graders on the topic: Music - A universal language that binds people together and 11th graders on the topic - Creating the text. I am forwarding you few letters written by our 7th and 11th graders for their pen pals. It would be very nice if you could show them to your children. I know you all must be very busy with Christmas round the corner. I am also sending you a PPT on My city Kolkata prepared by our students. Hope to hear from you soon.

October 1, 2012
I will be sending you letters and drawings/craft/photos etc. right from children of age 5 to 18 yrs. This will be basically an introductory letter. You can choose the topics of your choice. If you have any suggestions please let me know. We can exchange ideas on those too.
At the moment I am collecting all the work from the children. Most probably by the end of this week I shall be able to send you a package. Yes, I will also scan each piece and send them by Email, so there's no chance of them getting lost. 
Tomorrow, Oct.2nd is Mahatma Gandhi's birthday and it is a national holiday for us. The little ones had a special assembly on Gandhi this morning. I shall send you some pictures of it.
Have a lovely holiday. How do you celebrate Fall festival in China? It would be nice to know.