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Toward integrating technology at DAIS

Dr. Terrell Neuage

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Monday, July 18, 2011 7:37 PM

  • The use of multiple programs and procedures

    The knowledge of many tools enhances creative tasks. Multifaceted accomplishments not only gives new and exciting layers to an assignment but provides roadways into new ways of seeing and performing but also can lead to future inventions. Exposure to programs is important but even more so is being a master of several. For example, knowing a webpage development program such as Dreamweaver and an image program such as Fireworks/Photoshop and a text editor such as Open Office and a 3d maker like Rhino3D or Blender can provide new dimensions to projects. There are hundreds of main task programs. We can easily be overwhelmed by so many. As integrator of technology in middle and upper school I will use/develop different programs for various courses and grades. The hope is to have exposure to as many products as possible so that the student is able to choose what is best or what they are most comfortable with at any given instance.

    Finding where/when a program should be initiated has several key factors: what equipment is currently available, what can we get for free, can we excite the community (parents, teachers,

    How can we us technology in cross discipline projects?

    Integrating technology in the curriculum encourages problem solving, exploration, and learning in and out of the classroom, promoting higher-order thinking and technological literacy. Technology can be a silent partner or a loud partner. It can be work, entertainment, play and learning. An example of this is Kinect (November 2010). Kinect is a motion sensing input device by Microsoft for the X box 360 video game console. However, soon after it was released many other usages were discovered that Microsoft had not anticipated. Now it is being used in education for robots, art, and a huge growing array of products and subjects.